Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Germans Say Nein To Greek Football

From Greek paper Ekathimerini:

The German soccer federation suddenly informed its Greek counterpart on November 2 that it cannot host Greece's friendly game with Romania at Reutlingen on November 15 «for security reasons."

Greece had arranged the friendly in Germany in order to satisfy the huge demand by Greek expatriates to see their national team play, but less than two weeks before the match, the DFB told EPO it could not stage it after all, according to an EPO statement on Wednesday.

How strange...or maybe not:
The German federation's decision came just 24 hours after the Champions League game between local Borussia and Olympiakos at Dortmund with some 4,000 Greek fans in the stands whose behavior could not be faulted.

Speculation in Athens suggested that the decision may be down to the political uncertainty in Greece that could turn the match into a demonstration, although that appears to be quite far-fetched.

It is also likely that the German federation was upset by the behavior of Olympiakos fans in Piraeus during the home game against Borussia on October 19, as they produced a banner (pictured above) that appeared to be offensive to Germany.

EU harmony continuing as normal...

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  1. "Germans Say Nein To Greek Football"
    Perhaps it's because Germany's only got one ball?