Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Another Cast-Iron Promise.

Cameron interviewed by the Daily Express (my emphasis):
I was in the Treasury when we were in the Exchange Rate mechanism, and I said to myself: “Never again should we give up control of our domestic interest rates.” If I am Prime Minister and for as long as I would be Prime Minister, I would never take Britain into the euro, full stop, end of story. We should never have got ourselves into the financial mess that we are in but at least we have the flexibility of our own currency and our own interest rates.
All heart-warming stuff, but will he keep that promise? Maybe Cameron has made this pledge in the full knowledge that by the time he becomes Prime Minister, there won't be a Euro left to go into.

Update: I've just spotted, via Iain Dale that Nick Clegg wrote this over a year ago, arguing that we should join the Euro. Hmm I wonder what his view is now? He's been very quiet.


  1. Cast Iron promises for David Cameron means easily broken, just like real cast iron.

  2. Indeed, he must be the first party leader in history to break a promise before he's even won a general election.