Monday, 22 February 2010

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

As others have noted today, the Telegraph reports:
Ken Clarke, the shadow Business Secretary, is to hold secret talks in Brussels with Jose Manuel Barroso to assure the European Commission President the EU has nothing to fear from a Conservative government.
The two-day visit to Brussels, which begins on Tuesday, by the most pro-EU member of David Cameron's cabinet-in-waiting is seen by European officials as a signal that a new Conservative administration will work with the EU executive rather battling against it.
It's all so dreary and predictable that I've not much to add, apart from this from the Spectator (my emphasis):
The new Guardian ICM poll has the Tory lead down to seven points and the party on 37 percent....this poll will heighten the sense of nervousness on the Tory side. Even before this poll came out, David Cameron had called a shadow Cabinet meeting for tomorrow which will be held at CCHQ and is scheduled to last for two hours.
Despite facing the most incompetent and hated Government in recent times, the Tories' poll lead has been on a steady but consistent downward trend since last November.

Is it any wonder?


  1. I started to wonder quite some months ago how much Dave really wanted to win this election. I wouldn't, and I'm not overly convinced he does.

  2. It does seem that way CS, there doesn't seem the same hunger for power that Labour displayed pre '97.

    Another poll tonight now shows the gap as only 6 points - whoops, if Brown's got any sense he should go for the election now