Friday, 19 February 2010

James Purnell Quits

From the Times:
James Purnell, one of the few remaining Blairites with a chance of becoming Labour leader, shocked his party this morning by announcing that he was quitting Parliament at the election.

Insiders said that Mr Purnell had nothing lined up for his life after Parliament.

His departure is another blow to the Labour leadership, because it sends out the message that one of the party’s youngest heavyweight stars sees no immediate future in politics for himself, and probably for his party.
Update: This is unexpected news, and as the Times points out, it sends a message Purnell believes Labour are doomed at this election. For all the talk of Labour closing the gap and a possible hung Parliament, it's interesting that the behaviour of Labour MPs seems to suggest otherwise. What do they know that the polls aren't showing?

The timing is interesting, today is Brown's big speech and tomorrow he launches Labour's election campaign.


  1. Perhaps those who set out to become movers and shakers have realised that they are now merely apparatchiks for the Brussels kakistocrasy.
    They throw up their hands and say 'what's the point' and go away to get a life.