Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Another Reason Not To Vote Tory

At a time when the whole global warming edifice is not just crumbling but has been completely demolished with enough C-4 to put a hole in the world, the Conservatives decide to do this (my emphasis):

In a speech to be delivered Tuesday morning, the Conservative’s treasury chief, George Osborne, is set to announce a working group to draw up plans for a Green Investment Bank, with Nicholas Stern–a top climate change adviser to the current Labour government in recent years–taking on a role as adviser to the group, according to Osborne’s office. Bob Wigley, chairman of international telephone directories company Yell Group PLC, will be among those serving on the working group.

The aim is for the Green Investment Bank to provide a mix of government and private-sector cash to invest in promising new technologies, Osborne will say.

I mean, what? Why? Would it be this Lord Stern that the Tories want to hire:

[The Stern Review] contained dire predictions about the impact of climate change in different parts of the world.

But it can be revealed that when the report was printed by Cambridge University Press in January 2007, some of these predictions had been watered down because the scientific evidence on which they were based could not be verified.
This is madness at a time when the political climate (sorry!) is changing, more and more questions are being asked, even the Guardian and the BBC recognises that there's a problem. Not Cameron though, those who do not believe must be re-educated. He appears intent on leaving his core voters behind, but as Labour discovered, ignoring core voters or taking them for granted has a high cost.

Richard North is right when he says that the Tories seem to want to lose the election. The difference between New Labour in '97 and the Tories now, is marked. Faced with an unpopular government Labour's election machine was awesome and ruthless, they wanted power badly and it showed, so much so that they hadn't worked out what to do once they were in Government. Contrast that with the Tories now, who are in a similar position; where's the desire, the coherence? Backtracking on Europe, backtracking over cuts, confusion over marriage tax breaks, pushing through eco-polices against the wishes of his party and the country; Cameron needs to look up the word strategy in the dictionary.

This deeply unpopular and hated government is there for the taking, yet the Tories' poll lead is on a downward trend. Is it any surprise? It seems all we can expect from a Tory government are copious climate change policies and a reason to be thankful Cameron isn't Brown.


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