Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cameron's Anger

Cameron's angry, no really:
David Cameron is embroiled in another Cabinet row over European demands for expensive employment rights for millions of workers.
and he's not just very angry, he's also furious:
The Prime Minister is understood to be furious that Business Secretary Vince Cable has failed to find a way to halt a tide of legislation from Brussels that will hit struggling businesses.
And not just furious either, he's incredibly frustrated:
Several Tory Cabinet ministers, including Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, are understood to have objected to revised legal rights for more than a million agency workers, required by the EU...The Prime Minister is incredibly frustrated that officials have not been able to find a way round this,’ said one.
Cameron's more angry than an angry thing in an angry factory in Angryville. He's so furious in fact that Cameron has just announced a press conference for later today announcing an 'in or out' referendum. That's how angry he really is.

Note: I might have made some of this stuff up


  1. You shit!. I almost shouted "woop" then.

  2. So the PR spiv is taking people for fools again with another planted story?

    The sad thing is some people will actually buy this BS.

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating and right now everything on the Cameron menu tastes like crap.

  3. @Bucko, Sorry no intention to raise your hopes on a false premise. Trust me if any UK Government were to promise such a thing (and mean it) this blog would go into meltdown.

    @AM, indeed, I'm not sure what I'm most 'angry' about, that he is trying to mislead us so obviously or that he thinks we are stupid enough to believe it. Going by the comments under the article, Cameron is making a serious misjudgment.

    I have to say, and not just with this, but Cameron's PR skills (ironically) are poor. Before and after the election - he's clearly trying to attempt to emulate New Labour but is not a patch on the professionalism or ruthlessness that Labour had in media relations (whatever one might think of their time in Government).

    Cameron is a rank amateur by contrast.