Wednesday, 16 February 2011

UK Refuses To Endorse EU Accounts

The Telegraph reports that:
The British Government has put the Commission "on notice" that the accounts, which have not been signed off by auditors for 16 years because of apparent inconsistencies, are unacceptable.
The UK Government follows where UKIP leads. However what's amusing is that the Telegraph accompany the story with the above picture, which rather mischievously shows anything but Mr Osborne standing up to the EU (it looks like he's being told off). The chap on the left is EU commissioner Ollie Rehn, who has form on expressing his views on democracy and adopting budgets.


  1. You can tell the local elections are starting to worry the Tories. I think there will be a significant number of councillor and town hall losses.

  2. @AM, Yes indeed hopefully you're right about the Tories getting worried. I'm standing at the local elections against a Tory incumbent who's been there years. Lazy he has become, so maybe I can make a difference.