Friday, 18 February 2011

UKIP In Barnsley

Barnsley has a by-election on 3rd March, here's one of the UKIP candidate's posters:

hattip: Michael Heaver's Blog


  1. Sod the policy - wherever she wants to go, I'm with her!

    Oh, sorry, this is a politcal message?

  2. Trust you to lower the tone WfW. *sigh* :-)

  3. You never know TBF, have UKIP hit on the winning strategy?

    If a pretty face works in Oxford West and elsewhere........?

    Has she got a proper agent - one that knows everything that she needs to know.....?

    *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

  4. If a pretty face works in Oxford West

    A pretty face works? Erm you know I didn't elected in Oxford West? Or is that not what you meant. ;-)

  5. The day you look like Nicola Blackwood is the day I get extremely worried!

  6. I have bigger tits than her though (er did I say that out loud)?

  7. Too much focus on the prisoners' vote issue. The ECHR is the hand the magician wants you to watch. They don't care about the Council of Europe and its institutions.

    The EU Court in Luxembourg now has total jurisdiction over the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is a copy of the European Convention on Human Rights, and which forms part of the Lisbon treaty.

    That's where the magician's hidden hand lies. That's why Cameron, the BBC and the rest of the corporate media have been so abrasive in describing 'these unaccountable Euro judges'. Because the Court in Luxembourg is THE court not the Strasbourg court that's being readied for dismantling.

    They're playing mind games with you folks!

  8. Anon, You're indeed right that the EU - and the ECJ - is the one to watch. What is good about prisoners rights to vote though, is that generally the public do not see the difference between the Council of Europe or the EU. It's all 'Europe', therefore to campaign on the subject helps us both ways.