Friday, 18 February 2011

UKIP Outspent The Tories In Oldham

Michael Crick has published the official figures from Oldham Council which show that UKIP outspent the Tories in the recent Oldham by-election:

The figures submitted by each of the major parties to the local election authorities by the deadline of today (Friday) show that each of the major parties spent as follows:

Cons £39,432
Lab £97, 085
Lib Dem £94,540
UKIP £43,855

Throughout the campaign the Conservatives denied accusations that they were not taking the by-election seriously.
You have to wonder why on earth the Tories continued to deny that they were holding back on the election. Did they really think that their spending figures were never going to be released? Are they really that stupid? Going by the form of the Tory chairman the answer is quite clearly yes they are.

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  1. Are they really that stupid?

    YES, absolutely
    They don't give a shit because they are sure there will be no retribution other than fake whining in the MSM which is controlled by those same politicians.