Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Big Success?

Following on from Autonomous Mind's wonderful exposure of Roger Helmer MEP as a Judas goat, Helmer unwittingly reinforces AM's point by tweeting this today:

Apparently reducing the number of Strasbourg sessions is hailed as a 'big success'. A genuine campaigner against the EU and our membership of it, of course, wouldn't give a toss how many sessions Strasbourg has. All that matters is that the EU Parliament has no sessions at all in either Brussels or Strasbourg because it no longer exists or that it's irrelevant because the UK is no longer a member.

Mr Helmer, however, thinks that making the EU more efficient at its job is something to be proud of. It isn't.

Update: Ironies Too has an interesting post on another sidekick of Roger Helmer - the 'fierce Eurosceptic' Chris Heaton-Harris MP


  1. Alongside Roger Helmer MEP stood Chris Heaton-Harris for ten long years, now Conservative MP for Daventry, who describes himself as a fierce Euroesceptic.

    I have commented upon some of his recent activities today:

  2. Thanks Martin, have updated my piece.