Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I've blogged about Labour MP Kerry McCarthy's rather hypocritical views on music before. She took umbrage at an apparent 'date rape' message in a former boy band member's song, something that he subsequently denied, and she suggested that the record should be banned.

Kerry is, however, happy to promote punk - that famous bastion of good taste. At the time when I pointed out, via twitter, the dubious Nazi origins of Joy Division's name (her favourite band) and the nature of their followers, my complaints were labelled by her as 'offensive'.

And, as her latest post proves, Kerry doesn't mind dodgy music lyrics per se; here's her views on the rather robust Sex Pistols song on abortion: was rather dodgy lyrically speaking and completely juvenile in its politics, although it’s still a great song.
I know it's relatively trivial, but stuff like this winds me up - it's MPs like Kerry that will censor our music, films and video games based on their own personal preference rather than adhering to the principle of free speech. The warped views of Ms McCarthy is the reason that I can buy black rapper MC Ren's blatantly racist album in a high street store but not a Skrewdriver one.

All music is equal but...

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