Monday, 29 August 2011

"I Agree To Everything I'm Opposed To"

I struggle to add anything meaningful to Autonomous Mind's posts, exposing so-called euro-sceptic Roger Helmer MEP as yet another Tory Judas Goat, largely because the whole process has became unbearably tedious in its predictability. Decades of the same ol' Tory mantra - "in Europe, not ruled by it", "Tories are really eurosceptic" blah blah blah takes its toll. As Richard North wonderfully puts it:
Turning then to the Speccytwat, we then find a variation of the Tory theme, with the young Forsyth pontificating about how – on the basis of yet another inane an expensive EU law – Dave and his merry men need to "tackle Britain's relationship with the EU".

...Britain does not have a relationship with the EU – Britain is part of the EU. This country can no more have a relationship with this body than can we suggest that our own left feet have relationships with our own bodies.

The problem with which we are confronted, therefore, is that the Tory commentators are so incredibly thick that they cannot even get past first base.
Rather like the pesky pigeons that sat on my roof this morning at 5am - waking me up by cooing incessantly. Pompously sat there, sticking their chests out as if they're important, cooing the same dull notes over and over and over again. It's enough to drive me insane. Brainless and stupid, there's no point arguing with them, nope, the only solution is to get the airgun out.


  1. "the only solution is to get the airgun out."

    I trust you did and that one of them had a name badge that read Cameron!

  2. Oh yes indeedy, I wasn't an 'appy bunny at that time of the morning. They certainly stopped cooing after I'd finished - if only one had such a name badge.