Sunday, 6 June 2010

Apparently I'm Posh

...according to this nonsense in the Daily Mail:

1) Yes. Have been to the ballet in St Petersburg, not a regular thing though. Can't stand opera
2) Yes,
3) No, but is Hackett posh? I thought it was worn mainly by football hooligans
4) I've been known to put the odd bet on a horse, but I don't think that's what they meant
5) No, can't stand the stuff
6) No.
7) Yes, for lunchtime sandwiches, very nice they are too.
8) No
9) Only if she's attractive.
10) No
11) Yes, gallons of the stuff (Earl Grey)
12) No idea, looked it up and found out it's a wine. Refer back to number 5
13) No

So that's four, therefore I'm considered posh, despite originating from Swindon.


  1. Ah, the good old Mail. Feeding the aspirations of junior office clerks everywhere, then screaming about the subsequent personal debt crisis.

    They and their hardcore have fallen for the same old socialist claptrap that wealth = poshness. I always maintain that the Mail is not a right wing paper.

  2. Apparently TBF, so am I - which just goes to show the ridiculousness of such 'surveys'!

    CS is so right that now wealth = posh which is utter class drivel! (although with Mrs. Beckham, I suppose it does!)

  3. CS: Agreed. I used to work in an office of female office clerks (and no they weren't) - one used to bring in a copy every day and read it out loud to the others. Not sure why - perhaps they couldn't read themselves. Anyway all the synchronised 'tut tuts' were in the right places.

    WFW: I'm not surprised you always looked like a posh git to me ;-)

  4. "WFW: I'm not surprised you always looked like a posh git to me ;-)"

    Now now TBF, you would not be 'spawning' rumours, would you?