Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Dishonest Election Campaign

I'm not normally a fan of Simon Heffer in the Telegraph, but today's article is worth reading on the dishonesty of the general election, a theme I touched on over the last couple of days. Here's some choice quotes:
The sport of spotting hypocrisy in politics is giving us some fine spectacles these days, such as in the proclamation by Ed Balls, who would be leader of the Labour Party, that we should restrict immigration. One is deafened by cries from justifiably outraged citizens about why Mr Balls, if he feels so strongly about this matter, kept so quiet on it when he was a minister of the Crown, and therefore in a position to do something about it. However, he has some competition...

...Of course the campaign was dishonest. The Conservatives were reluctant to talk about the extent of the cuts they knew would be necessary to restore order. They did not want to frighten people out of voting for them...

...And why ask the public to fill in the blanks? The cynicism of such a policy, where the blame for crucial economic decisions is shifted away from those who are paid to govern, is shocking. Mr Osborne should have worked all this out before he got into Number 11. The economic disaster was no well-kept secret. It is late in the day to judge where to cut; but he had also better start working out where, and how, to grow.
Quite. Asking the public about cuts is just a gimmick, the Tories should just get on with it.

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