Monday, 21 June 2010

EU Budget Must Be Cut

So says Cameron. From Reuters (my emphasis):
The next European Union budget must be frozen or reduced in recognition of the tough economic times, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday.

"The next European budget needs to be, in my view, at worst a freeze and at best a reduction," he told parliament in a debate on last week's EU summit.

"I don't say that because of any particular ideological animus. I say it because we are going to be making difficult budget decisions here in the UK and our constituents are not going to understand if we are making budget reductions in the UK and the European budget is increasing. It just won't wash," he said.

Negotiations on the EU budget for 2014-21 are expected to start this year.


  1. Frozen? Bloody frozen??

    I'd cancel it immediately and ask for all our money back.

    Does the man have a spine, or what?


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  3. I know CR, I know. I'm not even sure how he thinks he'll get agreement on freezing it let alone reducing it. Look how much trouble Thatcher had with her rebate.

    Nice to see him confirm though that he doesn't have an ideological bone (or indeed spine) in his body.