Thursday, 17 June 2010


David Cameron meets his other EU colleagues today, promising "positive engagement", but not at the expense of British sovereignty.

Up for discussion, among other things, will the EU's plan to vet the national budget and create the foundations for the total economic governance of all 27 member states.

As the Telegraph reports:

"British diplomats say that if implemented, the proposal would reduce UK sovereignty because it would be Brussels that would set a limit on the public finances and not British politicians."
After Cameron's assurances that any future transfer of power must be subjected to a referendum, today we'll have some indication how much backbone David Cameron really has. I'm not hopeful.

This is also where the Tory backbenchers will find out whether the PM is just good at patriotic rhetoric while stabbing them in the back, or whether he actually has ever meant any of it. (and whether any of them will care)

Personally I have a little prediction. As outlined in an older post, Tory negotiations with the EU (and to some extent Labour's) go something like this:
In other words it will be fudged, but in such a way to appease the eurosceptics, but ultimately means Britain loses just a little bit more sovereignty.

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