Monday, 18 July 2011

The Adventures of Tintin

As expected the markets have not taken the results of the EU stress tests too well, so The Boiling Frog is feeling a bit weary with it all - as Richard North says I wish they just get on with it and end the whole silly charade.

So in order to cheer myself up, I thought I would post this trailer of the up coming Tintin film:

The Boiling Frog is a huge fan (See, I don't dislike everything that emanates from Belgium), but is normally unimpressed with adaptations, which invariably miss out much of the humour, subtleties and politics of the original books. But I'm hopeful this will be different. Partly because virtually every frame in that trailer is taken from the books and mostly because Steven Spielberg is a fan as well - so much so that when he acquired the rights in the early 80s he scrapped the filming project when Herge died in 1983 out of respect. (Most of Spielberg's films contain references to Tintin, for example scenes from Close Encounters are lifted straight out of Flight 714).

Anyway, Christmas, Tintin? It'll be like I'm a kid again.


  1. I'll be taking my nephew to watch this. We've just seen the last Harry Potter film and thoroughly enjoyed it; two and a half hours flew by.

  2. I've let my Harry Potter viewing slip a little - so I've got to catch up on the last couple before seeing the last one. I've heard good reviews about the last one so sounds like it finishes the series with a flourish.