Monday, 18 July 2011

Stony Stratford (Update)

It seems that the jolly last Saturday against idiot Councillor Bartlet's attempt to enforce a complete smoking ban has had an effect:
It would appear that rumours of a withdrawal of Herr Bartlett's motion were correct. The reason given for this change of tack, though, are the special kind of Bartlett bonkers we've come to expect.
"The motion to ban smoking in Stony Stratford will not take place at tomorrow's town council meeting (Tuesday) and will now be discussed at the next meeting in September.

As reported in last week's MK NEWS, Councillor Paul Bartlett was planning to postpone his motion as he believes his opponents' arguments are 'flimsy' and they need more time to prepare."
So apparently Councillor Bartlet is happy to postpone to help his opponents because their arguments are flimsy? With excuses like that, is he a MEP?

No doubt in September he will try again to impose the ban but hoping no-one will notice.


  1. He can't pass this without the help and conivance of all the other Councillors in Stony Stratford, even if it's passed at "cabinet" or "committee" stage it will, I hope, be brought before the full Council, needs to be monitored closely otherwise the crafty bastards will steal a march.

  2. TBF

    I think that we may have 'Bloodied' a few noses, but that is all. I fear that the batty councillor may now receive the backing of the dreadful Arnott and a fully backed campaign from ASH.
    And it may not be in 'Stony', but another small out of the way town without an attention seeking 'Fascist' numpty.
    BTW a pleasure to have met you on Saturday.