Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Reasonable Force

Well contrary to my expectations it appears that no charges will be brought in relation to the recent fatality during a botched burglary in Manchester:
Now a source close to the investigation has allegedly revealed it is highly unlikely Mr Flanagan will be charged because he used 'reasonable force'. A source told the Sunday Mirror: 'Peter Flanagan was a ­completely innocent man who was confronted with armed men in his home. I am confident he will not face any charges.'
Common sense prevails.

As an aside, one wonders who the Mail employed to conjure up this picture below to the illustrate the story:

I've seen some amateur Photoshop efforts in my time but...


  1. Ha! That picture was done in 'Paint' by the looks of things.
    It just needs a smiley face to top it off.

    Good result on the story though if they really dont press charges.

  2. Ah Paint? Yes you're probably right, it really is shoddy stuff. I like the smiley face idea to finish it off :-)

  3. Err, no, this was done by a professional! Or have you forgotten just how tough it is to draw in a continuous line (free hand!) with the mouse?!