Saturday, 16 July 2011

Stony Stratford

The Boiling Frog has spent most of today partaking in the jolly at Stony Stratford, making our feelings known against the idiot that is Councillor Paul Bartlett - who wishes to ban smoking in all public places (the vote is on Tuesday). Needless to say that Barlett, who did not stand for election on this issue, has decided to defy the wishes of his electorate to force through his personal desire of a smoke free Stony Stratford.

I'm not a smoker myself - and no doubt Barlett won't be the last - but yet again, this is a clear case of; "first they came for the smokers, then they came for..."

I'm pleased to say that there was a good turnout and it was great to meet the Fuel Injected Moose, Dick Puddlecote, Misanthrope Girl, Dave Atherton, Roger Helmer, Anonymong and other fellow bloggers.

Let's see how the vote goes on Tuesday.


  1. TBF, thank goodness there are people like you who, unlike me, do more than just mouth off online. Good on you.

  2. I endorse John in Cheshire's sentiments BF. Hope you all had a good day out and were paid libertarian attention to.

    Always nice to see a non smoker who can see the anti libertarian take on this issue.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments JiC & TBY,