Monday, 18 July 2011

Where's Everyone Gone?

I really don't want to comment on the continuing phone scandal, but...but I can't resist:
One of the striking things about the wall to wall hackgate coverage on the 24 hours news channels is the absence of Tory voices defending the Prime Minister. It is coming to something when the leader of another political party, Nick Clegg, is doing more to defend the PM than most of the Tory members of the Cabinet.

One minister told me earlier that Number 10 was having trouble getting people to go on TV to bat for the PM. While many Tories are wondering where their party chairman is, in these circumstances you would expect her to be touring the TV studios.

Number 10 needs to hit the phones and get able, media-savvy Tory MPs to defend the PM in public and private. They also need to counter-attack, pointing out that Labour under Blair and Brown also got far too close to Murdoch and News International.
As many of the comments point out, perhaps the reluctance to defend Cameron is due to... erm do I put this? He's not very popular? All PMs have difficulties but Cameron has only been in the job for a year - he's coming undone faster than an 'undone' machine, in an 'undone' factory in 'undonesville'.

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  1. He's pissed off too many of what should be his natural supporters over all sorts of unnecessary things for them to automatically step forwards and start throwing the rotten tomatoes back.

    Anyway, there's something about the phone scandal that's like a mushroom under the floorboards, it has filaments which run and run.

    I'm not sure the BBC and the Labour Party are being very clever in making so much of it.

    Maybe part of it is that it looks like an unwise thing to make too many definite statements about or be associated too clearly with?