Thursday, 23 June 2011


When Cameron recently decided to regurgitate the same Labour nonsense on being robust against burglars and siding with householders - i.e. sound tough but not actually do anything, I don't think he expected his 'promise' to be tested quite so quickly:
A suspected burglar has been stabbed to death while apparently trying to break into a house in Greater Manchester.
And guess who's been arrested:

The man, 26, is believed to have been carried away by other members of a balaclava-clad gang as they fled, before being dumped in the street.

The householder, his son and son's girlfriend have been arrested.

Greater Manchester Police said it was treating the death as murder.

No charges as yet, but I won't be surprised if...


  1. Sounds like death by misadventure to me!

  2. @Twig, I can't disagree with you there.

  3. And now it seems that the dead man was out on bail following a previous burglary!

  4. @JiC in terms of he deliberately ran into the knife? :-)

    @EP That doesn't come as a surprise either, apparently they targeted the wrong house as well - or the right house depending on how you look at it