Monday, 27 June 2011

Carry On Regardless

Despite that Icelandic polls show consistent opposition to EU membership...
"The vast majority of Icelanders are still opposed to joining the European Union according to a new opinion poll published today, March 17, in the business newspaper Viðskiptablaðið. 55.7 percent oppose EU membership while 30 percent favour the step. 14.2 percent are uncertain.

A recent poll by Capacent published on March 10 put the opposition to EU membership at 50.5 percent, the support at 31.4 percent and the uncertain at 18 percent.

The last poll before that was published by Capacent in July 2010 putting the opposition at 60 percent, the support at 26 percent and those uncertain at 14 percent.

Every poll published in Iceland since August 2009, made by different polling companies, has shown a large majority of Icelanders against joining the EU and only about 1/3 in favour."
...the process of membership continues by Iceland's politicians:
Iceland’s accession negotiations with the European Union officially began today with the first four chapters of the entry charter up for discussion.

According to an EU statement two of the four first negotiations have already drawn to a temporary conclusion.

You cannot carry on defying your own people. When will they wake up?


  1. In the contest of big boobs, I believe Barbara Windsor has decided not to "carry on" but to concede defeat!

  2. Sometimes WfW, just sometimes you make a right tit of yourself :-)

  3. Not surprising TBF because, as you know, I'm no leftie!

  4. Plus I hapun to be, once again, in that frame of mind........