Saturday, 18 June 2011

Andrew Symeou Has Been Acquitted

Congratulations to Andrew Symeou, a victim of the European Arrest Warrant, who has now been acquitted. As Dan Hannan points out, why has the liberal elite remained largely quiet over this disgrace:
... many others saw the whole business as a Eurosceptic plot to discredit the European Arrest Warrant. Read, for example, some of the comments posted here by Guardian readers.

I hope those who were readier to condemn an innocent man than to examine their Euro-integrationist prejudices will ponder what it would be like to spend eleven months in one of the worst prisons in Europe, to let four irreplaceable years of your life slip by while your friends pass through university, to watch your parents exhaust their savings shuttling back and forth Greece, all without your case coming to trial. (The humanity and dignity of Andrew’s parents, Frank and Helen, was perhaps the most heartbreaking aspect of the whole saga).

Concerns about a travesty of justice only take effect in certain conditions it seems, interestingly though Hannan, despite his criticism, is happy to remain a member of a party who wants to make things worse, while I'm a member of one that doesn't.


  1. It may be my rosy view of a better age TBF - but I am pretty sure that a few decades ago this country would have been up in arms screaming "Habeas Corpus"

    Such is the immoral nature of the present day political vermin - they don't give a toss about the people who vote them in.

    Note that it was a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT that was responsible for this piece of horse manure -Graham Watson - he must be very proud of himself.

  2. I couldn't agree more about the Lib Dems, I stood against Dr Even Harris at the general election - at hustings meetings he had no qualms about arguing for locking people without a trial - the EU project was clearly more important to him than 'liberal and democratic' values.