Thursday, 23 June 2011

Your Football Team Is 19-0 Down...

...there's only 2 minutes to go, you've had 4 men sent off (if 1 more is sent off then the game is officially abandoned due a minimum player rule breach), the referee has been bribed and Ali Dia is your best player, yet there's always hope that you may sneak a win:

hattip: Nosemonkey


  1. Had to nick that, but have retweeted your post as compensation......

  2. Ha ha do they think we should have had Michael Jackson over to babysit as well?

  3. I know nothing about football, but from the Wikipedia posting, I know a mendacious ethnic when I see one. As for the UK Federalist Party, who on earth are they. Is this just another marxist shell cell?

  4. @Wayne :-) Bit difficult now though

    @JiC I think deluded maybe a better term, to be that far away from reality...

  5. But just think of the upside:

    1. When you go to Spain for your holidays you wouldn't need to change up your spending money! This alone could save you around ten €uros a year in foreign exchange commission (assuming you take your holiday in €uroland every year).
    2. It would cheer Ken Clarke up after the rotten time he's had recently.
    3. ummm, ummm.