Sunday, 26 June 2011


Nigel Farage and Shami Chakrabarti were on BBC's Andrew Marr this morning reviewing the papers. Naturally the subject of the EU was broached, over Milly Dowler and capital punishment, the Greek crisis and the Olympic ticket farce. This prompted Chakrabarti to comment (from memory, the transcript's not yet up):
"It's amazing how you manged to get the EU into every subject".
Now I wonder why that would be? You would hope that eventually Miss Chakrabarti might work out the answer for herself, but probably not.


  1. That witticism by Chakrabarti was nicked from the other Dimbledore who made it during Any questions months ago!

    Obviously nothing original in the brain of Ms Chakrabarti!

  2. It's amazing how many times Chakrabati her boss's (Liberty's)stance into every subject too, that's one of the things she's paid for. Saw it by the way.

  3. Chakrabati GETS her boss's I meant to type. That lunchtime drink is a killer to the typist.

  4. "Obviously nothing original in the brain of Ms Chakrabarti!"
    Ah, but she's an ethnic so we, the indigenous, must celebrate her wisdom and learn at her feet.

  5. @WfW Thanks, I didn't know that. Brain of Ms Chakrabarti? Assuming she has one

    @TheBigYin Indeed good point.

  6. cuffleyburgers27 June 2011 at 12:36

    I would have liked Farage to make the obvious point, but for some reason he didn't.