Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More 'Red Lines'

According to the Telegraph:
The government is fighting off new powers for the EU to summon George Osborne, the Chancellor, in front of the European Parliament to justify and defend Britain's economic policy.
The Treasury Minster says:

"The government would not accept any proposal for the European Parliament to be able to summon ministers to appear before it," said a spokesman.

"We are clear that democratic accountability is very important, however this is why we have national parliamentary scrutiny procedures, which the European Parliament must not eclipse.

It might be a red line for Britain but it is also one for MEPs and a deal must be done quickly before a summit on 24 June. Something will have to give and negotiations are very delicate," said a Brussels diplomat.

Leaving aside that 'red lines' leak like a sieve, what's notable about this article is the 'pride' that we are all supposed to feel because Osborne is allegedly 'standing up' to Europe - apparently we are all supposed to be grateful.

How low we've fallen as a nation.


  1. Great minds, TBF - just posted too!

    Like Blair and Brown, Cameron will just capitulate and off will go George O like the good little boy he is!

  2. Great minds indeed WfW, but what can we do, aside from lamp posts and piano wire?

  3. Landfill, TBF? After all we are extracting more than we are infilling!

    Saves on the piano wire too!