Sunday, 18 November 2012

Harrogate Spring

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." Harry S Truman.
Yesterday I attended, in Leamington Spa, a follow on meeting from July, in what is another small step in the long road of implementing the Harrogate Agenda. Power is rarely given, it is instead taken, so it must never be underestimated that to do so will be a long arduous process. Yet it is remarkable in such a short space of time how far the movement has come.

One of the main aims of the meeting was to agree and ratify the six demands, demands that seek to give people power over their employees (politicians), a mechanism which for example can effectively sack them for gross misconduct if necessary. Ratification was achieved, with everyone present signing in agreement a master copy of the demands which hopefully will become a symbolic document for prosterity.

Then we moved onto strategy and tactics and a limited form of organisation by the establishment of a Limited Company by guarantee, and creation of internet tools such as a website, social media and Youtube videos. 

However the overriding theme was that this was to be a campaign of ideas rather than one based on personalities. A theme echoed in the room by the sentiment that we hoped to be forgotten in the light of possible success. Ideas are the most potent - and dangerous - which is why most dictatorships around the world censor the mechanisms of distributing them, usually in the form of the arts; books, paintings, music etc. Now, as most vividly demonstrated by China, it's also the internet.

Here we can take our cue from, of all places, the EU. It infects all of our lives yet very few people have heard of its main spiritual leader and creator - Jean Monnet. The EU has become a battle of ideas and not one of party loyalty. Monnet was a man who largely shunned the spotlight yet his legacy is all encompassing...all around us. He once said:
"There are two kinds of people; those who want to be something and those who want to do something"
So what works for our enemies can also work for us

The key with anything political is timing. As demonstrated earlier this week, and which has been there for sometime, is the absolute disillusionment and anger with our political process. Never has been such a vapid hole in our political class nor such ill-disguised contempt. For example in today's news yet again MPs are to debate prisoners' right to vote despite giving a conclusive answer last time. Of course now there's the irony that prisoners could vote for PCCs. Then in today's Telegragh are the thoughts (I use the term loosely) of Ed Milliband (my emphasis):
The Labour leader uses an interview with The Sunday Telegraph to declare that he is a major advocate of reform [of the EU] and says arguments advanced by eurosceptics should not simply be dismissed - because some of them are right.
You can almost hear him spit while uttering the word 'peasant' as he says it.

As with any demonstration of people's anger - the last people to hear it are politicians. When the groundswell of public opinion takes hold and eventually in most cases attacks the capital of any country, and those that reside in it, the attitude of those that govern us is invariably; "bloody hell where the hell did that come from"?


  1. Of course, we must use the same tactics as our enemies and that includes infiltrating and taking over - exactly as they have done - as well as developing the Harrogate Agenda. Their 'long march through the institutions' in order to 'make the West so corrupt it stinks' is pretty much completed. Every public organisation reeks of corruption - the BBC, the church, education; every single, once-respected institution infiltrated and corrupted by these vile marxist-communists who the - also corrupted - media tags as 'ex-communist'.

    They never were ex-communists, they merely jumped ship and fanned out into all three main political parties, which is why politics also reeks of corruption.

    There is a real sense of urgency I feel, to wrestle power from the hands of these monsters before the net closes in fully and we find ourselves in a situation akin to soviet Russia or East Germany. They have almost completed the building of the infrastructure to fulfill their totalitarian dream and we simply do not have time to faff around.

    Janet Daly puts it with frightening prescience over at the Telegraph:

    I'm hoping the next Harrogate Agenda meeting is held down South now that there has been one in the North and Midlands as I intend to be there if I possibly can or does one have to be invited?


  2. "There is a real sense of urgency I feel, to wrestle power from the hands of these monsters before the net closes in fully and we find ourselves in a situation akin to soviet Russia or East Germany."

    @David One upside is the model of the USSR or East Germany is (and was) not sustainable. One (almost safety net) aim is to have a model in place for when it collapses to fill the void that arises if we can't achieve it beforehand.

    As for being's open to everyone, feel free to attend and/or spread the message.

  3. A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history – Gandhi

    To be perfectly honest with you TBF I am one of the (most probably) millions who have reached a state of apathy.

    I've managed to get through all the stages - bemusement, concern, anger, frustration, and hostility.

    The one thing that I do like is "the idea".

    An idea, with basic reason, and argued politely will win out in the end - that and a disillusioned public who are looking for a different way of doing things.

    The Harrogate Agenda is a good mechanism for making people think about our democracy.

    I applaud all participants who are trying to make this happen.

  4. BF - agreed that soviet systems are ultimately unsustainable but that's not really what I'm concerned about; it's the amount of fear and terror they are willing to inflict to build their utopia in the first place. We're right in the danger zone time wise. The USSR and East Germany had a bloody long run of decades before they collapsed. Remember, they haven't really hit the starting block yet - free speech has only recently been curtailed, to a degree, but they have everything they need to go full tilt into their dystopia. We have to stop them BEFORE it gets any worse, not rest on our laurels because it will ultimately collapse anyway - that could be a long way off the future.