Monday, 26 November 2012

Trust In Me?

Reminds me of this clip below...all that needs to be said (and I don't just refer to the Tories)


  1. The impending loss of power is starting to dawn on the useless tories.
    I still can't believe that the foolsish voters will return the labour party to carry on with its work of tunrning this country into hell.
    Thialand beckons for retirement.

  2. @mikebravo I can't find the link at the moment, but there was an internal survey done, which shocked the coalition, that over half of the UK wanted to leave if they could.

  3. Something like 56% wasn't it?
    The problem is that they won't switch from red or blue to make it happen.
    It seems to be beyond the average joes wit to make the leap.

  4. I am not so sure.

    I mean ok I for one would never ever vote for the red party. I do live in a "pin a red rose on a donkey, ex mining town" but still I would not vote red. Though just because I would normally have voted blue does not mean I wont vote for someone else.

    Its pretty much the same with the red voters, a lot of them are not really red voters as such, they are just anti blue party.

    I dont really like the blue party, I just really, really dislike the red and the yellow ones.