Thursday, 29 November 2012


Following on from the Leveson Report, Newsflash from the UK has nicely spotted this from the European Commission political officer Marie-Madeleine Kanellopoulou, based in the EU's office in Westminster (ex Tory HQ) reported as saying,:
"We are following the Leveson inquiry to see the outcome. In the UK we have to deal with a very euro-sceptical British public and that's not helped by the hostile audience in the British press.
We want to engage with the media, with stakeholders and non governmental organisations.... but repeated mis-representation in the media was making communication of the true facts about EU policy difficult...
We are trying to rebut EU myths in the press but it is not easy because the Press Complaints Commission has a limited remit".
Apparently it's all the newspaper's fault we're Eurosceptic, if only they could make the media more compliant, we'll all be happy Europeans. Funny thing also about so-called Euro myths is the EU's rebuttal of them are ironically myths, we've been here before.

But then this has never been about establishing the truth.


  1. I'm sure that the EU and its commission would love to have a compliant Pravda or Völkischer Beobachter type press. Their friends at common purpose are beavering day and night to help them in their cause.

  2. For goodness sake, let's get out now.