Saturday, 1 December 2012

Now There's A Surprise

The youngest female drivers face significant increases in their insurance costs from this month, according to new figures.
Higher insurance costs had been predicted, as a result of the ban on different prices for men and women which starts on 21 December.
A European court ruling last year found that gender discrimination in insurance was against the law.
Insurance brokers are reporting rises of 40% or more in some quotes.

This is for cover for motorists starting this December, compared with quotes for policies starting in November. In some cases they can be even higher.

The European ruling means that women will also pay more for life assurance, while men will receive lower annuities - a pension income for the rest of their lives.
The consequences of such a ruling are not a surprise, just more confirmation that our lives are affected by unaccountable institutions.

Interestingly the BBC uses the term; "A European court". The European Court in question is the European Court of Justice which is part of the...EU. But not once is that mentioned in the piece...


  1. It started with the Barber V GRE judgement way back in 1990. All it succeeded in doing was handing the equalisation of State pension ages for women to age 65 from 60 to TPTB on a plate, not the reduction of State pension age to 60 as was the intent.

    Speaking as one who works in such an profession and sees the actual impact of such ideology drivel based PC nonsense as opposed to empirical based actuarial data measuring actual ’risk, which the basis of sound financially robust insuring, I can only shake my head in despair and say bring on Harrogate asap….NOW….!!!

    if I am accused of being impatient so be it……but we are steaming headlong towards the point of no return

  2. So decide the premium on the actuarial data, and not on the drivers sex.
    Hardly a problem...after all, cheaper premiums for those of higher age have also got to, by definition, be illegal as well.
    We DO have legislation about age discrimination after all.

  3. All the better to help us get out of the EU.

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  5. Why did you give Danny Alexander ninepence? Why should we give him tuppence?
    Haven't we all paid enough in tax, compulsory insurance, pension contributions, etc etc?