Monday, 17 December 2012

But Cameron Likes Vetos...

Dear Mr Cameron,

In 2011 you, to much fanfare, told us that you were being strong for UK interests by standing up against the EU:
PM David Cameron has effectively vetoed an EU-wide treaty change to tackle the eurozone crisis, saying it was not in the UK's interests.
This was a veto you took credit for, which understandably excited your party (despite that it was a veto built on sand).

But clearly an EU veto, or the promise of one, makes you more popular. So here's an idea. Invoke Article 50, but remain part of the European Economic Area (single market). This is an opportunity that not only can we bring power back to the UK, which you've promised on many occasions, but also gives back to us the power of a veto - equivalent to the one Norway has over EU law, as part of its EEA membership.

Think of the positives of this, not only can you have a significant poll boost which could help you win the next election, you can negate the UKIP threat, you'll have a genuine power of a veto and as a 'Brucie Bonus' you can look statesman like by actually delivering on your promises.

What's there not to like Mr. Cameron?

I look forward to your prompt reply.

Yours Sincerely



  1. Don't be silly TBF!!!! Cameron doesn't even know what Article 50 is!


  2. @thespecialone :-) I was being sarcastic...

  3. Do you think Cameron will even deign to notice this?????

  4. @Moose, no, of course not, look at it like bait... but not for Cameron :-)