Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Last night, the BBC had a Christmas special of the British sitcom Outnumbered, which can be viewed here. I mention this only because a significant portion of it contained a character which was supposed to be a spoof of someone who is likely to vote UKIP - in full compliance with BBC's political viewpoint of course. Confirmed by an interview published last Friday with the actor concerned said:
"I play a very dull man called Norris who's a bit of a banging-on bore - sexist, UKIP-y veering chap".
One could get angry at the obvious institutional bias or take comfort in the fact that the BBC view UKIP as such a threat that they need to parody them in a mainstream comedy on Christmas Day.

First they ignore you etc...


  1. It means they're scared.

  2. Yep - getting the jibes in - not just that but the "lying policeman / nasty Tory" gag (which may well end up misfiring) and the lefty liberal conceit that the "politics is settled" - I can't be arsed to watch again to spot a copy of the Guardian around the house.


  3. It is even infecting childrens programming,a sublimal message in the Mr Stink programme last week notice the colour of the rossette warn by the mother an aspiring politician who is anti immigrant about 9.40

  4. Just noticed i spelt worn wrong,silly me.

  5. Thanks for that link Anon, nice spot.

  6. The BBC,with its built-in left wing bias making an anti UKIP jibe?
    Is anyone really surprised?and more importantly does anyone actually buy this shit anymore?their blatant propaganda is clunkingly obvious to anyone who has their eyes open and their brain switched on.
    I gave up on the BBC years ago.