Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hope He Loses

Following last night's shenanigans, I'm not really in the mood for a politics post today - normal service will be resumed soon. Just a quick comment really on tonight's BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Hot favourite to win is Bradley Wiggins.

Now I've nothing against the chap personally, and winning a cycle race which paints the line between genius and insanity as thin as it could possibly be is a remarkable achievement - unless of course your name is Lance Armstrong.

But the bluster about this year's Olympics, and sport in general has been about legacy... and what a bloody legacy Mr Wiggins has left us. Encouraging untold numbers to suddenly develop an enthusiasm for cycling, clogging up our roads and pavements - turning most of the UK into a larger version of Oxford. Copious untrained and hopeless cyclists have noticeably inundated our transport network since his win and the Olympics (though of course they have been absent when we had a dose of global warming).

So thanks a bunch Mr Wiggins...hope you lose.


  1. Oh dear. So am I to take it that you've not donned lycra and taken to the saddle yourself? It is annoying, not to mention dangerous, when cyclists take it upon themselves to enforce a 20mph speed limit on certain country roads by riding two abreast.

  2. @Durotrigan You assume correctly about the lycra ;-). 20mph? Ones near me can't even match that, and refuse to use the cycle lanes...because it doesn't hold up the traffic in the same way I guess

  3. Sorry to disappoint you TBF. Although I did not watch the programme and couldn't care less about it. I cycle everywhere possible and no, I do not wear lycra!

    It saves me oodles on giving the government loads more tax (i.e. every time I buy petrol) and I get it repaired by a guy who has been doing cycle repairs for about 40 years and he is cheap.

    So a double bonus for me. I give less money to the government and keep an old chap in employment! The best bit is is that he drinks ale in the shop he as when he is repairing bikes!! So he is pissing Cameron off big time as he is clearly a binge drinker!

    Get a bike TBF. Give less to government!!!