Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dark Forces

Open Europe is a so-called think tank that is often considered by the media as Europsceptic and as a consequence its reports and statements are treated accordingly. However anyone who considers facts more important than a 'narrative' can very quickly come to the conclusion that it is anything but - just read its 'about page'.

More proof is found in the latest Telegragh article by Mats Persson, his description being (my emphasis):
Mats Persson is Director of Open Europe, an independent think-tank with offices in London and Brussels campaigning for EU reform.
The article goes on to lavishly dollop praise onto Cameron as a Europsceptic, for example:
Cameron has therefore upped the game
That anyone could consider Cameron as a Eurosceptic, when the evidence is firmly the opposite, is someone who has attended too many Christmas parties. Mats Persson reveals his true colours. Yet, almost like Jimmy Savile, he hides his deception in plain sight. Thus he supports Cameron (my emphasis:
It's increasingly difficult for him not to frame the issue as a choice between "renegotiation or Brixit" (as opposed to the status quo and Brixit or status quo or renegotiation).
I can only assume by 'status quo and Brixit' he means leaving the EU but remaining part of the single market. How revealing that this is an option he clearly does not support. He goes onto say:
This is tricky territory.
Well yes it is when your game is to try to deceive people on your true intentions, but the key paragraph is this...
Fortunately for Cameron, the UK achieved a substantial victory last week in Europe, winning a safeguard against the 17 eurozone members writing the financial rules for all 27 EU members in the soon-to-be-established banking union. This is vital as Britain is home to 36 per cent of the EU’s wholesale finance market. Inbuilt discrimination against non-euro countries in the EU in this area would amount to “not in the euro but run by the euro” for the UK, meaning both the single market and the case for the UK’s continued EU membership would be severely undermined (as the UK would  be "governed by fax" – a la Norway – anyway).
Spot what he did?

The argument put forward is Cameron achieved 'a real victory' by winning safeguards, with the UK being in the EU. But Persson claims if Cameron didn't achieve that victory (as EU members), then Persson argues we would end up like Norway and its government by fax...even within the EU. But Norway aren't part of the EU. Persson has quite deliberately confused membership of the EU, EEA and a combination of the two, so in effect comparing oranges with apples, all to get his 'government by fax' point in.

These are (via very convoluted arguments) the dark forces we face...all in a desperate attempt to keep us in. That's why the Norway veto argument is so important.

One is tempted to think of a Scooby Doo ending, where we pull off Mats Persson's mask and proclaim in surprise; "why, it's Ted Heath!"

Come in 'agent Open Europe' your time is up.

hattip Witterings from Witney


  1. I get all the Open Europe newsletters and everything needs to be read while bearing in mind that they want "staying in" with just a bit of tinkering round the edges.

  2. Trouble is the trolls are all about and new sites can be sockpuppet and just false. We found one today - Beforethenews.

  3. @James Higham Could you expand on your comment, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Apologies in advance

  4. Many thanks for the H/T, TBF. Good article!