Friday 14 December 2012

The EU's P45

Pro-EU blogger Jon Worth admits that the EU hasn't kept peace on the European Continent since WWII:
The EU should have stepped in earlier in the Balkans...
Let's put this into context. The Balkans conflict was a period of concentration camps, ethnic cleansing and more war crimes than you could shake a stick at for the first time since WWII on the European continent. A conflict that ended up with America and NATO trying to sort out. The excuse that "The EU should have stepped in earlier..." doesn't even cut the mustard.

The EU failed in its primary purpose at the first attempt - big time - and for that we are supposed to sacrifice our democracy...?

That Mr Worth sneaks in its failure with so much understatement is a sign of the embarrassing failure...


  1. When Yugoslavia started to break up, the Americans wished to intervene using NATO under their leadership. This was opposed by the French whose primary aim was to get the Americans out of Europe. The UK supported the French because John Major was in his sucking up to the French phase. So, all that murder and mayhem might have been prevented but for the French. In Europe it is always the French.

  2. @Anon "In Europe it is always the French."


  3. There is strong evidence that the German secret service worked steadily to destabilise Yugoslavia and to ensure that the break-up would be so bloody that no reconstruction of a significant Slavic state would be possible. I had confirmation of this from Dr Miroslav Polreich, former Czech ambassador to the OSCE in Vienna. I was surprised to find that such had been the ambition of the German political class since at least 1848 when the revolutionary parliament of Frankfurt resolved that the Balkans formed a natural part of Germany's economic hinterland and that no Slavic state of any consequence should be allowed to arise there. I had further confirmation from James Bissett, the former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia as to how it was done. An article of mine "The Balkans today, the West tomorrow" was printed in Quarterly Review and is now available on
    Revelations have recently appeared in the German press as to how the Bundesnachrichtendienst set up fake evidence of massacres at psychological moments to give public opinion a cassus belli. This technique, sometimes called "massacre marketing" is widely used in the Middle East today.

    Of course, there were plenty of real atrocities by all sides too.