Friday, 8 March 2013

Comforting Words From Cameron

I'm on the email distribution list of the Tory party, as I am on other parties', and this afternoon I have received a reassuring email from Mr Cameron, titled "we're sticking to our plan". In other words; "Meh! Voters?" The email begins:
This Government's driving mission is to help Britain succeed in the tough global race we're in. 
What's a driving mission? Is that a Top Gear Challenge?  A global race eh? One is tempted to think of this. So why are we shackled to a dying customs union, consisting of a minority of countries in the world, designed to restrict trade with the majority of other countries who are not members?

It continues:
That means reversing years of decline under Labour. 
I'm sure someone somewhere thought using driving puns was an "excellent" idea but really, is using the terms "driving" and "reversing" in the same paragraph ideal? Perhaps it's a Freudian slip. Nevermind...
Building a buoyant economy that invents, makes and sells things again.
Does that mean our economy is no longer making, inventing or selling at the moment...what a damning indictment of the current government....
Creating the good, decent jobs that young people need. 
Is that opposed to creating non-good and crap jobs for everyone else? Perhaps that's another Freudian slip given Cameron is Prime Minister.
That's why I gave a speech yesterday making clear that there can be no turning back from the course we are on.
In other words, despite a message from the voters, especially recently in Eastleigh, "I will ignore them"...
Yes, times are tough, 
Of course as a millionaire you would know this...
and yes, there are calls for us to turn back, give up, give in. 
Where are these calls? Coming to the conclusion that other methods maybe better and thus to consider other options of fixing our broken country is markedly different to advocating giving up...but thanks for doing down the British people.
But as Conservatives know, nothing worthwhile is easily won. 
Oh yes you are fully aware of that given you didn't win the 2010 election
We need to hold our nerve and stick to our economic plan:
Again ignore the voters...

It really is a poor excuse for government policy and the rest of it can be found here. We deserve better than this.


  1. He really is a twat of the first order.
    "That's why I gave a speech yesterday......." etc blah blah blah.
    He really believes that a speech is all that is required to save our once great country from becoming a third world shit hole. Over run with cheap labour, a never ending death spiral of taxes and empty promises by the political classes.
    All lorded over by him and the lib/lab/con/eu party.
    Evert time one of the bastards open their mouths I picture a garrotte and a fat bloated face.

    1. "He really is a twat of the first order."

      That's a fair summary of my post :-)

  2. What I get from this is that Cameron has even less idea of what to do about it than when he started and he's just going through the motions.

    A dead man walking.

    1. Like Blair he's probably got an eye on a post-PM career with a view to making a lot more money

  3. It's expecting people to nod and say, "Yep, Dave's right," that's the most galling.

  4. Notice how Amy Rutland attacked ukip from the perspective of the "main three parties".

    More evidence that they're all in it together and ukip are the only real opposition.

  5. "Creating the good, decent jobs that young people need."

    Didn't spot that one in the other waffle.

    Does this mean that he's going to put a stop to the Inter Company Transfer nonsense whereby we allow Indian IT workers here, whilst we have something like a 20% unemployment rate amongst out own IT graduates and this practice denies them the very starter jobs they need?

    Thought not.