Sunday, 17 March 2013

Daylight Robbery

The Cyprus Bank Heist...


  1. I wonder what it will take before there is a massive uprising in Europe (including the UK) and these parasites are flushed out of each nation's body. I fantasise about what i'd do if (or is that when) They come to take my money, but in reality, what will I do about it? Sometimes, though, fantasies come true. The French revolution probably destroyed some benign tumours, but perhaps it was unavoidable, given that the malignancy was destroying the country and needed to be removed.

    1. Personally I don't want a 'violent revolution' as such - they have a tendency to "devour its own children". But arbitrary actions like this are going the right way about provoking one. Cyprus is a guinea pig, one wonders who will be next...?

  2. TheFrench Revolution was a malign affair, inaugurating Europe's first modern holocaust, as Mrs Thatcher reminded the French President once.

    It was run by ideologues and intellectuals of the sort who gave credence to the Communists, ( the most murderous sect ever) and the Nazis & fascists (distant runners up).

    Sean Gabb made an interesting comparison with the American revolution. The French changed everything - administrative areas, currency, weights and measures, even religion ( Instituting a goddess of reason) . The Americans changed relatively little, respected property mostly (apart from forfeited loyalist estates) ,putting the President more or less in the position of A quadrennially selected George III

  3. Surely this is Germany manoeuvring so that it is 'forced' out of the EU as the South countries crash and burn. Anything less than a full-on crisis would mean Germany leaving would be the ultimate betrayal of the EU ideal, but, if forced out to help save the EU?