Monday, 25 March 2013


Perhaps it's weariness on my part or the expectation that it wouldn't be long before others clock Cameron's speech on immigration as the nonsense that it is (and thus do the hard work for me), but I couldn't bring myself to comment on Cameron's latest wheeze.

And unsurprisingly unravel quickly it has:


So follows Cameron in a long line of Tories who in spirit is defined by the words of Labour MP Hugh Gaitskell, October 1962:
"...have been indulging in their usual double talk. When they go to Brussels they show the greatest enthusiasm for political union. When they speak in the House of Commons they are most anxious to aver that there is no commitment whatever to any political union."
Cameron's immigration announcement was always bollocks but he's not even good enough to disguise it very well. He is taking the concept of the Peter Principle to a whole new level. As a consequence, as Richard North notes, the rats are now deserting the sinking Tory ship.

As it stands Labour are more than likely to win the General Election in 2015 and we go through the whole charade again - as per Ed Milliband's recent article in The Sun:
And as a Labour Prime Minister, I will act to deal with people’s concerns. We know low-skill immigration has been too high and it should come down. We will put maximum controls on new countries joining the European Union.
Controls can only be put in place for a maximum of 7 years - Labour not quite lying but not telling the whole truth either. The 7 year limit is precisely the issue with Romanians and Bulgarians having their restrictions removed next year - their 7 year term is up.

Unsurprisingly another party had this policy of restricting immigration in 2011 (leaving unsaid that it was for only 7 years) - can you guess which one it was?

And so we go round in circles.


  1. Clegg was sounding off about immigration as well.

    All I see in this is the Conservatives and Lib Dems gesturing at mounting up and heading UKIP off at the pass. A bit of shouting yippee and shooting guns in the air and talk of what they'll do when they get to the pass.

    Note that they are sitting on their horses which are standing still, tied to the rail, and not galloping towards the pass.

    1. Odd thing about Clegg is that his policy is racist and discriminatory yet no-one seems to have batted an eyelid.

    2. Clegg relies on the fact that no one takes anything he says seriously. The LibDems sell being nice and enlightened - progressive - and hope no one looks any further. My LibDem MP is an awfully nice bloke, and one of the foremost supporters of Green Energy.

      A couple of years back Clegg was prattling on about turning Britain into a low tax economy for about a week.

      Whatever happened to the IN-OUT referendum the LibDems were once so keen on?

      This is like Cameron's referendum after renegotiation after the next GE nonsense. He's got to do something to stop the UKIP damage, but he doesn't want to do anything about the actual problem. So we get these transparent gestures.

      Blair could get away with the eye-catching inititiative, but he was a genius in his way. Cameron's problems run deeper anyway.

      I'd say they'd do better to shut up, or be completely honest. All this deception does is to piss off more people, who are coming to the view that either Cameron's a slippery fool, or takes them for fools.

  2. The only comforting consequence I can see is that the MSM is finally starting to pick up on the mood of bloggers and ordinary people and starting to expose the lies for what they are. It is possibly too much to ask for them to make the next leap of faith into exposing it as the EU and our continued membership being the font of most if not all our woes but alas some gratitude for small mercies is due methinks

    1. Agree...Daily Mail has a couple of articles today about the farce that was Cameron's policy. Though I suspect it's more because they don't have much choice. Immigration is one those impossible to avoid issues as the consequences are clearly apparent to us all. A bit like the Eurozone...they can hardly ignore it.

      I don't hold much faith though that they won't continue to ignore other EU issues as they see fit.

  3. Cameron was whom Maggie's U Turn comment was intended for.