Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Weasel Words

Despite the lazy media's habit of portraying UKIP as a 'right-wing' threat to the Tories, Labour at least recognise the threat it also posses to them particularly on the vexed subject of immigration:
The Labour leader admits that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were “wrong” in government to dismiss the concerns of the public over levels of migration that were “too high”.
While there is “nothing wrong” with employing foreign staff, some companies recruit from overseas to undercut the wages of British-born workers, Mr Miliband says.
It's not the first time Miliband has broached this subject and apparently Labour are to lay out their immigration policy in detail tomorrow. Yet going by the report in the Telegraph unsurprisingly it's clear that for all the rhetoric nothing will substantially change:
This will mean “maximum controls” for eastern Europeans entering the European Union
So we have dog whistle politics using words in the same sentence like; "controls", "Eastern Europeans" and the "EU" but in reality it's the same policy of restrictions on non-EU citizens while not being able to do much regarding the free movement of EU citizens. No change, no choice and complete contempt.

There has to be another way, and fortunately there now is.


  1. In a brief recorded excerpt of the debate in Parliament on Tuesday(I think) ,the lone courageous Labour voice of Kate Hoey spoke the truth. It was impossible for the government to control immigration from Bulgaria and Romania unless Britain left the EU.

    The response from the whole House was a sort of embarrassed, throat clearing, semi silence - the audible equivalent of the onlookers in those Bateman cartoons of terrible solecisms - like "The guardsman who dropped his rifle on parade" or "The man who pleaded guilty at The Old Bailey"

  2. The Harrogate Agenda needs to get sorted out and the dissemination begun. Those six points should be on everyone's mind.