Friday, 13 May 2011

At Last

Local elections were last week. Nearly all of the results were announced by last Friday evening. The news that UKIP won, for the first time, control of a Town council - Ramsey in North Cambridgshire - was also known on Friday - a fact ignored by the MSM. And it's taken until today for the BBC to acknowledge that fact - a week later - the news hidden away on its website and hidden away even more on its TV Ceefax service.

It's so blatant in its bias it doesn't even care.


  1. C'mon, what did you expect?

    On a more serious note it is important that the Ramsey's do not, under any circumstances, blot their copy book and that there are no skeletons in their cupboards.

    Make a sucess of this and the PR will be of such a level that money couldn't buy it - especially with local elections due in 12, 13 and 14. You can bet your last cent that the MSM will be watching RTC with an eagle eye!

    Wonder if the heirachy have even considered this??? Sorry, was that a silly question???????

  2. You're absolutely right - I gather that those on the council have been doing a fine job already.

    But should they get wrong I suspect the BBC will be more than eager to give publicity.