Monday, 30 May 2011

Intolerant And Selfish?

According to our dear leader; Van Rompuy, who was democratically and directly elected by the peoples of Europe, is not really interested in power, believes that he should be accountable to the people, isn't paid £250,000 (more than the UK Prime Minister) and didn't use EU official cars to take his family on holiday, has just decided that everyone else in Europe is not as altruistic as himself:
"This long march to freedom and justice. This is not then the time for us Europeans to become less open, less tolerant, more selfish or materialistic..."
If only we could all be like him.


  1. I wish that I could live in Rumpy Pumpy's version of an altruistic life.

    Oh! How he must suffer.

  2. @BJ Indeed, I feel sorry for him ;-)