Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Tories Stand Up To Europe...

...by attempting to put a wrecking ball through Mark Reckless' anti-Euro bailout motion today, the Tory Government's amendment replaces the word "requires" with "urges". Despite that the Euro is doomed, that the eurozone contagion is spreading to Spain and Italy the so-called Eurosceptic Tories want to throw more of our money down the drain.

Oh and as an aside our public borrowing is the worst on record.


  1. TBF, did you also hear that David Campbell-Bannerman has returned to the Conservative Party. Is it possible that, having failed to damage the UKIP party, he has returned home to his true family?

  2. @JiC I did - I was in two minds whether to blog about it but decided less said the better.

    I saw his statement on ConHome; something about how Cameron was tough on Europe etc - typical Tory really, good riddance to him.