Thursday, 5 May 2011

MP Takes Out Super-Injunction

This is a disgrace:

A serving MP may have taken out a super-injunction preventing details of their activities being exposed, it was disclosed today.

The revelation came in the Commons as MPs discussed future Parliamentary business - including whether to debate creeping judge-made privacy laws and the spiralling use of gagging orders.

As soon as I find out who they are, I'm naming them.

Update: from Guido Fawkes:


  1. Why not just name everyone we don't like and let them do the work to clear their names?

  2. It would be a very long list JiC :-)

  3. Can we not reverse the process and take out super injunctions to shut them all up...after all look at the damage they do to all our families and children...

  4. @nominedues There's a more effective way of shutting them up that involves lampposts :-)