Sunday, 29 May 2011

CIA Warns Of Miltary Coup In Greece

Richard North at EUReferendum highlights a CIA report which warns of dire consequences in Greece if its austerity measures continue:
Letting the cat out of the bag, however, is the German popular daily Bild, which has got hold of a CIA report warning that the tough austerity measures and the dire situation in Greece could escalate and even lead to a military coup.

This in repeated in the Turkish press and you can bet your sweet life that Ankara is monitoring the situation very closely. A military junta on its doorstep, perhaps looking for foreign adventures to keep minds off domestic troubles, is not what is wanted at this juncture.
As Richard rightly points out that a Greek default is a matter of when, not if and the likely European consequences of a Greek default make for very sober reading economically and politically. There are no good options at this point, which is reflected in the fact that the British media and most UK MPs are all doing their hardest to pretend that it's not too much to worry about (with the added exception now of an opportunistic Labour party who resides in opposition). And EU politicians are too busy panicking and bickering.

A bit like the brazen bull; there's lots of noise and heat and the outcome is inevitable - can we just get it over and done with?

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  1. Many thought it might start at the Balkans but it seems likely to start in Greece - and they do that sort of thing so well.