Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The BBC and 'Climategate' update II

I'm a bit late to this one I'm afraid, but I've just noticed that last week's Newswatch featured more viewer's comments on the BBC's coverage of 'climategate' - they are still not happy it seems, like me.

I particularly like this one from David Kilbride:
In failing to be open on climate change, BBC reporting does seem to reflect a consensus for the ‘common good’ and a degree of involvement in the campaign and therefore not meet its impartiality guidelines.

In the light of emails suggesting all is not well with the scientific approach in some quarters the BBC Trust may wish to re-look at the specific out of date balance guideline referred to by Mr Black [on last week’s programme]

The BBC's subsequent response indicates strongly that they have given up on investigative reporting, similar to this, and so by ignoring this they are failing in their duties as an 'impartial' state broadcaster.

Interesting to note that a FOI request is still outstanding regarding which scientific experts the BBC used in 2006 to justify its current climate change editorial policy.

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