Thursday, 17 December 2009

The BBC and 'Climategate' update III

I wrote to the BBC in November complaining about their lack of coverage of 'climategate'.

I did receive a reply quite quickly which acknowledged my complaint and promised to registered my comment on their audience log.

Despite that, it's clear that not much has changed despite other viewer's concerns- prominent coverage is still being given to Copenhagen and other climate change stories especially on the main television news, so I've written again:
I complained to the BBC on 29th November regarding the BBC’s lack of prominence given to the issue of leaked emails and documents from the Climate Research Unit, which very clearly showed that some of the world's leading climate change scientists, manipulated, altered and made up data in order to try to 'prove' that the climate was changing.

I gratefully receive a reply on 2nd December which acknowledged my complaint and promised to register the comment ‘on our audience log.’ (whatever that means).

My reason for writing again is, despite my concerns about the lack of impartiality, the BBC is still giving prominent coverage across its media platforms to pro-climate change stories, particularly the conference in Copenhagen, even though more and more evidence has emerged recently regarding the integrity of the climate change data.

For example, the Russian Institute of Economic Analysis has released a report suggesting that the CRU has deliberately cherry-picked the Russian climate records, ignoring stations covering 40% of the landmass and choosing only those sites which showed evidence of warming. Even the Met Office’s data is being brought into question.

However, there is virtually silence on the BBC website, News programmes and the News 24 channel regarding this.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that, on this issue at least, the BBC is giving nothing more than a token gesture in dealing with the complexities of this issue and has given up on investigative reporting, which would be particularly relevant in this case as it involves astronomical sums of taxpayer’s money.

The BBC is giving a very strong impression that it no longer cares about being impartial.
You can complain here, I will update with any response I get.

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