Sunday, 20 December 2009

This is a joke right?

The Telegraph reports (in tomorrow's paper) that Gordon Brown is drawing up plans for the European Union to become a global warming "policeman", monitoring individual countries' compliance with carbon-cutting targets:
Mr Brown and French President Nicholas Sarkozy now are working proposals for a "European monitoring organisation" that will oversee every country's actions on emissions.
And it gets worse:
The plan emerged after US President Barack Obama suggested that monitoring could be done using spy satellites.
And worse:

[Brown] said: “I will work with President Sarkozy for a European organisation that will monitor the transparency that is being achieved not just in Europe and our own countries, but in every country around the world.

He added: “We’re in favour of transparency; we’re in favour of looking at what’s happening not just in our country and our own continent, but around the world.

Words truly fail me.

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