Sunday 17 April 2011

Anti-EU Party Comes Joint Second in Finland

Finland's election result has come in, the True Finns party has made huge advances since 2007 up from 4% to 19.1%, campaigning on an anti-immigration, anti-EU platform specifically against the Portuguese bailout. The final results are:
  • National Coalition Party 20.3% (44 seats)
  • Social Democrats 19.1% (42 seats)
  • True Finns 19.1% (39 seats)
  • Center Party 15.8% (35 seats)
  • Left Alliance 8.1% (14 seats)
  • Greens 7.2% (10 seats)
Both True Finns and the Social Democrats are both against the bailout and its likely that one or both will enter a government with the Nation Coalition Party. Finnish voters have dealt a blow Europe's plans to rescue Portugal, as Finland has an effective veto on the plans as Parliament has the right to vote on EU requests for bailout funds. Chances of the bailout passing Parliament has taken a huge step backwards - the bailout of Portugal requires unanimity of euroland states.


  1. TBF: Cames?

    Seriously, now all we have to do is energise our electorate to follow suit!


  2. And there's that train full of Tunisians that the French stopped on the border from Italy, which is sowing discontent in the paradise of the EU.

    Double schadenfreude for me.

  3. And I haven't heard a peep on our tv or radio.

  4. @WfW: Ah, now changed thanks - typo. Agreed and they seem far more willing than ever to be energised

    @TT Isn't it odd that the French can ignore the EU when they like. Goes to show that our real enemy is our Government - the one so eager to please the EU at every turn.

    @BJ It's all strangely quiet, isn't it? Though they will hardly be able to ignore it if Portugal goes belly up taking the Euro with it.