Monday, 11 April 2011

Confused Census Gestapo

The firm I'm currently contracted to had a visit from Census Gestapo today. This firm own land with park homes on it, and they are in the process of building 12 more - of which only 6 have been completed so far. However all 12 addresses have been registered.

So CG turns up to speak to the boss, who's in the same office that I'm working in, because apparently some residents haven't filled in their census forms. The conversation goes something like this:

CG: "Nos 2, 3, 4, 8, 12 & 14 have not completed their census form."

Boss: "That's right, the buildings don't exist yet."

CG: "But they have to complete a census form, it's the law".

Boss: " Who has to? No-one lives there, there are no properties"

CG: "But the addresses appear on my register so they've had a form delivered"

Boss: " Delivered where? There's no letterbox, no front door nor even a wall or a building".

CG: "Well someone must have received the form".

At this point they both go out and argue the point on the concrete foundations where the park homes will exist in the future. Eventually CG goes away to consult further because the option; "house does not exist" doesn't appear on his form.


  1. As a nation we are becoming more stupid by the year. The really unpleasant thing is that the stupid are too stupid to know how stupid they are. I've noticed that a lot of stupid people work in local government and the more stupid they are the more aggressively arrogant and intolerant and unhelpful they are.

  2. That illustrates TBF that all CGs are bureaucrats at heart - ie, they have no brain, hence no power to reason and possess no common sense!

    ps: as asked on twitter: leafleting? Getting rather diary full at the moment what with meeting with the Minister of Housing....

  3. @JiC Agree stupidity is often accompanied by arrogance.

    @WfW 2nd lot of leaflets due this week - Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks for the offer, will probably need help towards end of April if that's ok - not sure what days yet depends on work commitments. I can send you a provisional calendar if that'll help

  4. Excellent , bet the boss was amused as hell!